Bielleci is a Company specialized in the production of FASHION ACCESSORIES for clothing, leather goods and bijoux. Our know-how is the result of over 30 years of activity, experience and collaboration with the main international Maison, always proposing itself as a partner in support of the customer. Bielleci, in addition to the high quality of the product and service, offers its creative ability and interpretation of the different customer requests, designing objects and solutions, not only that respect, but that improve the aesthetic and functional characteristics of the items made for each Brand. Bielleci guarantees an excellent and careful quality control of every single piece and traceability of every batch of goods using the electronic barcode system. Today Bielleci is positioned on the market as a real COMPANY 2.0, using MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE COMPLETELY IN CLOUD, which allows us to have control at any time and circumstance of the status of present and past orders. The mission of Bielleci is to combine the concept of fashion with that of MODERN INDUSTRY, creating products with meticulous attention to detail and extreme refinement of finishes, typical of craftsmanship, but projected on an industrial level, to provide the right balance in terms of time, flexibility and costs. Our Collections, totally MADE IN ITALY, are completely designed by our STYLE OFFICE, we make design our priority, experimenting with new forms of expression, new combinations of materials, finishes and colors and the search for new details that can be signs of distinction. The COMMERCIAL STAFF is constantly engaged in the careful management of production processes and delivery times, in addition to offering the customer maximum flexibility and the necessary assistance, from taking charge of the request to subsequent developments up to the finished product. Bielleci does not limit the choice and make use of any material, which is "found" by the style office and proposed in the collection or at the customer's request. With this in mind, Bielleci carefully evaluates and chooses the most appropriate materials and processing techniques in order to give a correct and quick response to the customer's request. The materials and finishes used to make our products are all certified, respecting the lead content expressed in the main international normatives such as REACH, CPSIA etc. Bielleci pays particular attention to SUSTAINABILITY, using in addition to traditional plastics, eco-sustainable materials, such as BIO-BASED RESINS, deriving from renewable sources, biodegradable and / or compostable, certified ISO 9001 (Lloyd's Register), ISO 14001 (SGS), EMAS, BIO-BASED NYLON and 100% RECYCLED NYLON.

Via Cornella 4, 24060 Cividino(BG)

TEL. 030.7438845

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